Closer To Heaven is set amongst London’s club land at tells the story of coming out, personal sexual
acceptance and discovery, the ravages of drugs, relationships and the dark side of media life. This is
all set against a club land beat making the show both heart felt and uplifting.

Straight Dave comes to London from Ireland believing he is something special, destined for something
but not sure what. Getting a job in a club in London he falls into a relationship
doomed from the start as he grapples with his feelings and his own true sexuality

Billie Trix the club hostess once revered as an icon of her time narrates the story of excess and lost
opportunity and love all whilst high as a kite, the only way she can get through her life.

Vic the manager of the club is gay, he has a daughter that comes back into his life, he knows his life is upside
down. Living like a vampire he works all night and grapples with his life and the drink and drugs that go with
the territory.

Lee the drug dealer, young and insecure is looking for someone to love him after a life of neglect, being bought up by
a mother who was too high to ever show him the love he seeks.

The story climaxes with Dave celebrating finding his own way through this labyrinth of excess,
false agendas and self discovery. Faced with a series of false dawns he comes out the other side both stronger and wiser.